Saturday, November 01, 2008


Been meaning to post the song for a minute now. After flirting with beef ever since that AllHipHop battle last year, Royce and Joe got together and banged out some joints, one of which is this INSTANT classic, Slaughterhouse, that brings together along the aforementioned Budden and Royce, along with Joel Ortiz, Crooked I, and Nino Bless.

Who knew these guys would become like the new age Rat Pack (or Rap Pack? badoom psh!) You can find countless vids of them in the studio together, drinking together, and more importantly, sitting down and discussing the possibilities of a 4-man collabarative effort (watch that last video for sure. If after listening to the song above, and then watching them talking about getting away for 3 weeks and lockin it down doesn't get you excited for this project, I don't know what will).

And before I forget, shout out to Dilemma for getting a track on Budden's upcoming release on Amalgalm Digital! Check his blog for more info!