Sunday, November 25, 2007

Public Enemy #1

So I got the word this weekend that one of the blog's avid readers/supporters is a HUGE Cam'ron fan... and since I've been bumpin this mixtape the last couple days, I thought I would get and lead you guys towards the free d/l of the double cd at
Cam'ron's official Myspace page...

Cam is the same ol' Killa Cam, but he has some new dudes with him like PENZ and TOM GIST... the kid Penz is kinda sick.

"I put a whole banana clip in your bathin' apes, my flow like Somolia so I scrape the plate"

"Evaculate the club when i left the hammer go, i'm shootin like earl manigoat/i'm with your b**ch and she naked like marques houston, and d'angelo"

"keep talkin', i'll put one in your head like a unicorn"

Anyway, worth keepin an eye out for him. He may be the new Juelz...