Thursday, August 03, 2006

Melrose Shirt

"So pal back up a bit, give me elbow space
I represent Harlem World, not Melrose Place" - Big L

Ok, so it's actually a Harlem shirt...but I couldn't deny this one. Even though I rep Melrose a lot more frequently than I've been to Harlem (twice for those keeping count)... I had to show love to this shirt since 1. Harlem is home to some of my favorite rappers (what up Postaboy, Ma$e, Big L, Dipset, and Loon) 2. You can't front on the show Melrose Place (what up Heather Locklear!), or the actual street, my favorite spot to waste my hard earned money).

Anyway, I copped this hot 3Sixteen from Digital Gravel , and you should do the same!