Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kurupt - Top 8 Verses

 XXL linked up with Kurupt to get some insight from the Kingpin himself on 8 of XXL's favorite verses from the ferocious MC. Maybe its just because Kurupt is in my top 10, but this is definitely worth a read/listen/viewing

He touches on New York, New York (my personal favorite Kurupt song, and one of the best hip-hop verses of all time), Stranded on Death Row ("I just wanted to serve every rapper on the planet. That’s all. Yeah. It was that easy. It was that simple. I just wanted to slaughter everybody who thought they could rap. [Laughs] I think I definitely got close to it. Definitely.), and It Ain't No Fun ("Snoopy was in it and was like, “You can’t kill everybody, Kurupt. You gotta make records that people can relate to.” You know what I mean? “Ain’t No Fun” was more about fun than anything. It was more about us enjoying ourselves and having a good time...Before then, I was just into records where I was annihilating rappers." Check it out here. 

Side-note - does anybody remember the show MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar? It was basically an American Idol/The Voice type show where MTV took celebrities (Kendra from Playboy, Sebastian Bach from metal band Skid Row, Shar Jackson, etc) and had them mentored by legit MC's (Kurupt, MC Lyte, Redman, Warren G, etc) to perform. Shar Jackson ended up winning, but I think Sebastian Bach was robbed. Check out the clip of him performing Doggy Dogg World with Kurupt after the jump.