Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Apparel manufacturing jobs coming back to the US!

Made in USA basics for men at the Montgomery mall store.

I'm still in the "4th of July" mind state - so stumbling on this article in USA Today that was focusing on clothing manufacturers bringing work back to the US was a great find. Everyone knows that it's cheaper to produce products overseas, but a many brands are learning that people are not only willing to pay a premium for products made in the US, but they are also finding other fringe benefits (quicker turn-around times, more accurate orders, etc). Say what you want about American Apparel (or their dirtbag CEO) - but I think a lot of the recent turn around on US production is due to AA's popularity, both domestically and internationally. Check the article for yourself here, and lookout for the 'USA' label on this and other OSTT posts for features on products that are made in the US!