Saturday, June 08, 2013

15 Reasons You'll Never Be To Old To Be a Sneakerhead

Over the last couple years, I've gone back and forth on 'retiring' from Sneakerhead status. I've been purging the closet and putting pair after pair of unworn kicks up for sale - mainly because they just don't get the burn they used to. While there is a huge market for the shoes I'm selling and I'm pulling a profit on every pair, that's not the intent. I'm mainly just trying to make room in my closet for the kicks that do get worn, and give kids a chance to get their hands on some classic runners or old Jordan's that are a bit too out there for me to wear to work (even in a casual atmosphere).

Tastes evolve, and while I'll never part with some of my favorite Air Max 1's, 90's, Presto's, etc - I am bringing in some 'new' models in the mix - Roshe's, Free's, and Flyknits, all of which will remain in the closet for years to come. Anyway, excuse the rant. Just came across an article on Complex on aging sneakerheads, and on top of that it's my buddies' son's first birthday party today (and its a sneaker party!) so it was fresh on the mind.

If you are looking for some Kobe IV Draft Day (misprint edition!) or Jordan's - check in on eBay in about 2 weeks. I've identified the next 3 pair's that are going up for sale.