Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Hundreds x Travis Millard

The Hundreds project with Travis Millard of Fudge Factory Comics is available instore and online now. I particularly like the Rampart T pictured above - featuring the art of a van. nothing says freedom or road trip like a suped up van! Description of the inspiration on this one via Bobby/Travis below:

"Travis Millard is a fascinating dude with a deep-seated affection for vans (pun-intended), probably stemming from the fact that he spent a significant amount of his childhood traveling around in one of these babies with his father. He says, “I’m sort of a fan of vans. Growing up my dad was a Wrangler jeans salesman, and we always had conversion vans. He would hollow the back out and drill metal bars in the ceiling, and would stack jeans and shirts and drive them to mom and pop shops around Missouri. I would go on trips with him sometimes…I would just listen to my rap tape on my Walkman and draw.” 

Check out the rest of the collection here.