Wednesday, December 05, 2012

OUTLIER Megafine Merino Sock

Outlier - the craftsman behind some of the most thought out and quality performance workwear on this side of the Atlantic, have recently created some of the most technical socks out in the market. Not much on the eyes - but your feet won't mind. Check the description after the jump, since a summary wouldn't do it justice. Also, don't sleep on their pants, they are truly deserving of their own post.

For our merino tops we always go straight to the source, to New Zealand, for that good pure, 17.5 merino. But knitting socks is a different game entirely and almost all merino socks on the market use a rougher merino in the 22-23 micron range. It took some convincing, but we finally got the knitting factory to connect us with something even finer. It was well worth the wait because what they brought us blew our minds; a 15.5 micron yarn, so buttery soft and fine we were hooked immediately. This is the sort of yarn that is generally only found in the world's most expensive suits, but we just wanted to put our feet in it. 

Merino wool works its magic on your feet just like anywhere else you wear it. It's temperature regulating, wicking and bacterially static so you can wear them longer between washes. A killer 15.5 micron merino deserves a design to match, so we went ham on the details. High snap elastane so they stay up. Nylon plated at the heel and toe so they last longer. Terry knit merino on the inside to keep you cozy. Mesh knit on top to keep air circulating. A drop stitch seamless toe keeps them comfortable all the way till the end. Stick your foot in and try them, we think you'll understand.