Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Patta x Coffee Company

Now this is an interesting collaboration for you - Amsterdam based retailer PATTA and Coffee Company collaborate on a pop-up store and limited edition coffee blend. More information on the collaboration over at Coffee Company. Hit the jump for additional information on the project, and the thought process that went in to the special coffee creation. The collaboration isn't that off the wall when you think about it - two companies that are passionate about what they do coming together to create.

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CoffeeCompany x PATTA Pop-Up Store
In the run-up to the reopening of the Patta retail store, Patta and Dutch specialty coffee chain
CoffeeCompany have teamed up to present a unique 3-weekend pop-up store at a
CoffeeCompany location in Amsterdam.

The CoffeeCompany was established in 1996 with the aim to improve the oldfangled image of
coffee brewing and consumption. They have introduced a fresh experience with well-trained
young baristas, contemporary interiors and modern music, creating a sense of community for
Dutch coffee consumers. The CoffeeCompany currently has over 30 branch locations across
The Netherlands.

Throughout the weekends in the month of September, the CoffeeCompany x PATTA Pop-Up
Store will be offering a temporary physical location to purchase selected Patta range
products, weekly pop-up exclusives, as well as a limited collaborative CoffeeCompany x
PATTA coffee blend:

“We have created a special coffee blend to illustrate our collaboration with Patta. We went
looking for coffees that tasted both super clean as well as super sweet, two things that
immediately come to mind thinking of Patta.
The blend is a 50/50 mix of a Guatemalan and a Ethiopian coffee. The Guatemalan coffee is
from Don Isidro’s San Rafael Urias, from the famous Antigua region, and the Ethiopian coffee
is from the Shikasso farm in the Sidamo region of the motherland of coffee.
We’ve roasted the coffee fairly light, not to lose all the sweetness and freshness in the flavor.”

To accompany this event, DJ Edzon has put together a complimentary DJ mix featuring
choice cuts, downloadable for free at patta.nl.

CoffeeCompany x PATTA Pop-Up Store
Van Woustraat 153
Open on September 13-16, 20-23 and 27-30
Business hours : 11:00-18:00