Sunday, March 25, 2012

GQ x Glenn O'Brien x Tyler,The Creator

GQ has a nice interview with their "Style Guy" Glenn O'Brien and Tyler, The Creator where both individuals discuss their interest in Supreme. Pretty good interview overall (Tyler discusses what it's like to see little mini-me's at his shows, Glenn talks about his introduction to the brand and eventual friendship with founder James Jebbia), but my favorite part of the interview was the discussion surrounding how a gentlemen in his elder year incorporates a street wear label in to his wardrobe (copied below):

GQ: Glenn, how do you wear Supreme as an adult male, versus how Tyler and his friends might wear it?
Glenn: Well, I tuck my shirt in.
GQ: How can dudes incorporate Supreme stuff into a look that's more polished?
Glenn: You just wear the right size. I've been buying their chinos for years, I think they're just the best; they also have very nice jeans. And I think those things mix perfectly—you could wear them with a tweed sportcoat or a blazer. I don't like to dress head-to-toe in any designer or brand, but a lot of this stuff integrates really well into a wardrobe. The T-shirts are really well made, and they have a stretchy panel down the side so that they actually fit right. A lot of thought goes into these clothes.