Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh Snaps! That's tight...

Despite the content of this site over the last 5+ years - you may be surprised to know one thing - I'm not a fan of hype -  and often treat it like a four letter word. While I understand the purpose of generating additional interest/excitement about ones upcoming projects prior to their release- I think much more can be said of a product that can be dropped out of the blue and stand on its own for what it is. 1

That being said - some of you have already started to see some changes around here (some bigger than others), from the domain name itself,, to our new full time music contributor, J-Hop2 While I'm extremely happy about both of these updates, know that 2011 is going to be a big year, and we have a few more surprises awaiting in the not-so-distant future - from new site content, to another new contributor or two, to some exclusive product on its way. 3

Thanks for all your support over the years - and hope you are buckled in and ready for continued growth, and more of the hottest of the hot. The Internet is a crazy place, and there is a lot of madness that goes on. When it comes to clothes, shoes, music, and other items of interest, we stay in the know so you don't have to filter through all the madness on your own. We'll leave it to the other sites to hit you over the head with incessant quantity, but here? Nothing but the best. No filler.


1 Sorry - the negativity was heavy. It just irks me when some artists or labels put more time and effort in to promoting their product via snippets, sneak peaks, leaked photo's, behind the scene videos, constant twitter/FB posts, emails, etc) then they do putting the project together to begin with. Basically, don't talk about it, be about it!
2 Couldn't be more excited to have J-Hop aboard. He's been in the scene for a minute and has a good ear for quality stuff. Don't fall for the trap either. His music chops are more well-rounded then you may think - and if you pay attention you'll soon see. Don't sleep!
3 Yikes, see what I just did there? Hypocrite much?