Sunday, September 12, 2010

Warriors of Radness - Fall 2010 Line up

Warriors of Radness is back with thier newest line-up to keep you laced through Fall. Lot of dope shirts and shorts again, as well as various pants (Bag Pant, Muscle Pant, and a Bully Muscle Pant). Now, one of the reasons I am so fond of WOR is their vintage inspired surf style, but I need to be honest here - some of the sweatshirts are a tad bit out their this season. I can sort of understand trying to bring back the baggy/non-fitted sweatshirt look - that was a classic late 80's vibe that was big at the time. But the (appropriately named) Asylum shirt is just out there - it literally looks like a straight jacket. To each their own though!

I respect brands that step out and try different things from season to season - no one wants to see the same styles season after season (I'm fighting temptation to take shots at a couple 'big' brands right now). Check out the complete line up for Fall, in addition to some items from Spring/Summer on sale, Available now at the Reserve online and select retailers.