Friday, April 30, 2010

GONZ! for U.O.

So Urban Outfitters linked up with Rick Klotz and the rest of the folks who run Warriors of Radness for a special capsule piece titled GONZ! at Urban Outfitters.

“Inspired by ’60s beach films and ’80s surf style, the 11-piece line is fittingly modeled by Indian Burn, a three-man band from Newport Beach with songs about space, outlaws, and parties. Embodying a lifestyle of California fun, looks from the collection include classic beach items like tanks, graphic tees, and hoodies as well as casual daywear pieces like a crewneck pullover and seersucker shorts—all priced between $28 and $58.”

Man, I still remember shopping at the The Reserve off Fairfax in the Summer of 08 when Warriors of Radness and GONZ! (at the time, a full fledged label) first dropped. My boy Drew and I loved the simple designs,quality feel of the garmets, and throwback vibes/colorways. At the time, GONZ! was the high-end sub-division, with some of their shirts in the $50 range. Looks like Warriors was the soul-survivor, until this recent spin-off. Either way, I continue to like what the crew is building out there.... (and regarding the Urban Outfitters drop - hey, it is what it is. Times are tough - and you have to make the bottom line one way or another. At least they aren't watering down their core-brands by dropping mass produced WOR or Freshjive products).

Info via HS.