Monday, December 28, 2009

Skillz - Wrap Up 2009

Skillz gets busy and drops his annual WRAP-UP. For now, it's a radio rip via Dopeboyz. I'm sure the CDQ will hit the net soon. UPDATE: CDQ has arrived.

"...enter a newcomer by the name of Drake/the industry gotta get it in gear, cuz its bad when a mixtape is really the album of the year"

"Bernie Madoff,he was playing for keeps/ Amber Rose became famous without having to speak/ Black Eyed Peas roll deep/ They blacked Perez Hilton's eyes and made him pee in the middle of the street/Chris Brown, that's my guy/but how he do an interview, and all you focus on is the bow-tie?"

Please note - Skillz gets busy on the mic, NOT just during these annual wrap-ups. Do yourself a favor and cop his Million Dollar Backpack LP when you get a chance.