Sunday, March 01, 2009

Joe Budden - The Padded Room

It's something about going to a record store on Tuesday, coppin a new release, tearin off the plastic, and listining to the cd from start to finish.

I'm liking the Padded Room a lot. It's low on Cameo's (just a quick 16 from The Game and a nice hook from Emmy) and aside from a couple more upbeat tracks (Now I Lay,The Future and Adrenaline), the CD has Budden at his 'Mood Muzik' best.

Some of my favorites:

EXXXES - crazy track, good concept.
In My Sleep - again, dope concept.
Blood on the Wall - Fierce (poor prodigy gets it, AGAIN).

I think my favorite 3 tracks are the last 3 though, Do Tell, Angel in My Life, and Pray for Me (this last track especially....going back and forth with God on a track like its never been done before - think DMX with Damien (part i, ii, iii lol), but hotter. Perfect finish to an all around Great album.

BTW - there is a rumor running the streets down here in LA that Crooked I was shot this weekend? Hope its new true, and if so, hope for a speedy recovery.