Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Nah Right? A Music Post.

As the title suggests (shout to the best music blog online), this is a bit of a music post. The vid above shows some dope artists to look out for in 09. Looks like MTV took XXL's new class, asked me who I thought was hottest out of the lot, and interviewed them for this piece. Of the group mentioned, I think Kid Cudi is going to be a hands down star. Especially with his new HBO show that's dropping soon (whaaaat?). Charles Hamilton and Asher Roth are both pretty hit or miss. I personaly dig them both and think they have something fresh to bring to the table (Not a huge fan of the fact they both have said on numerous occasions that they aren't "rappers". i think that saying is so played. If it wasn't for "rap", we wouldn't know who you are, period). B.O.B. is that refreshing cat from down south we've been waiting for (insert 3stacks reference here). Wale is SUPER DOPE, and I really hope he doesn't get overlooked/lost in the shuffle. I'm lookin forward to catchin his show in LA later this month!

Check Some new Music if that doesn't fit your bill:

New Eminem, Dre, and 50 - Crack a Bottle
Asher Roth feat Jim Jones - I love College (Harlem Rmx)LOL
Freeway - Month of Madness Mixtape (Shoutout to Dilemma for the placement on track 9! Heeelllllllloooooo Woooooooooorllllld!!!)
50's New Single - I get it in. Much better than "Get Up" (not cause "Get Up" was too agressive or whatever 50 was saying, because it wasn't an aggressive record, it just wasn't that great of a record)