Saturday, December 06, 2008

DJ Quik x Kurupt

This is a project I'm really looking forward to, Kurupt on the Mic, DJ Quik on the boards. I first heard about this project a couple of years ago, and it sounded like one of this instances where artists start 'sellin' dreams' and telling people what they want to hear. Since then, a lot of stories have been coming about...and now it looks like a date has been set (February- sounds like a bday present for young Hsizzle, lol).

Anyway, here is a post from Quik himself, dedicated to all the upcoming artists and producers:

Make sure that youre making music for all the right reasons. I do it to express my self and to watch people move involuntarily when my songs come on. this febuary, i have an album coming out with a new & improved Kurupt.

Every time i play it for someone new, they go from 'skeptical', to ''i gotta be cool-cant let quik know im jockin this shit-damn! i never heard anything like this-what is this shit?-how do you keep coming up with funky ass shit....aawww fuck it-this shit hot. can i have some Boomerang Vodka and Cranberry with yall niggaz-play that one again quik with the indian shit maan that one go hard...!"

Hence, i make music to take the edge off of unhappy people.

ALSO: try to avoid rapping, singing or producing songs under the influence of marijuana or alcohol. it slows your music down and makes it uninviting! wait until you have already finished your project, THEN drink &smoke. You will DEFINITELY notice a difference in your perception of the song. Remember: DO YOUR PERFORMANCE SOBER! You can look at the drugs and alcohol as dessert. surely save it for later.

And last, (but most certainly not least)
don't spite the song to save the speakers.
Make you songs sound BIGGER than the speakers you produce them on. if the speakers cant hang, you're on the right track.

Thats all for today kiddies.
Now go make music!"