Sunday, August 10, 2008

Music Update (Kid Cudi, Nas, Skillz, Outlawz)

So I fell off a bit on buying new music, especially since I've been literally playing the hell out of that "10 Deep Presents - A Kid Named Cudi" mixtape. I knew you could wear out cassettes, but the cd is new to me. The cd is literally deteriorating from constant bump-age.
Check Kid Cudi out now, mixtape still free via 10 Deep. If you are hesitant or don't believe, you can streem the songs via imeem on that link (My personal favorites are Man on the Moon, the Prayer, Day N Night, and Down and Out...)
Anway, I took a break from Cudi to finally BUY the new Nas ('Untitled'), Skillz (The Million Dollar Back Pack), and Outlawz (We Want In - the street lp). Without gettin to involved, I thought Nas definitely lived up to the hype (Sly Fox is crazy), Skillz did his thing (he's been sick, we all knew that, but check #5 if you didn't, lol), and I was slightly disappointed with the 'lawz cd, probably because their last cd, Outlaw 4 Life, was one of my favorite LP's ever, and I was expecting them to build off that vibe a little more. We'll see how thier Cashville Debut is in early 09...