Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Music...

Haven't been seeing much crazy stuff out there with regard to the typical gear, so here are some links to some recent mixtapes that have been dropped that I've been listening too, or think you may want to check out:

Young Buck Presents: The Cashville Takeover (right click save as). This mixtape is a couple of months old now, so it doesn't have some of Bucks more recent tracks going at Fif or anything, but it does have a lot of quality music from the Outlawz. Outlawz have been on their grind for a MINUTE now, and I've always been a fan. Their new street album, We Want In, is dropping August 5th. If its anything like their last studio release, Outlaw 4 Life, it'll be well worth the wait. (fyi, Outlaw 4 Life is EASILY in my top 15 lp's of all time, yes, its that legit).

DJ Cannon and DJ Drama Present: Asher Roth - The Greenhouse Effect (link goes to Asher Roth's myspace page, where you can download the mixtape for free). Ok, I can see what the hype on all the blogs is about, the kid has spit. Not going to lie though, his sudden rise in 'fame' does seem to wreak of "who's the next great white hype". Dude sounds waaaaayyy to much like Eminem for my taste (put it this way, if Eminem wasn't taking Dr. Dre like breaks between lp's, would he be getting this sort of attention at all? I was going to try and avoid the standard Eminem white rapper comparison, but you can see Eminem's DNA all through Asher's flow/voice, especially on the "Cannon" Freestyle - although that is the hottest song on the mixtape). Check it out, judge for yourself.

DJ Green Lantern Presents : Charles Hamilton - Outside Lookin In (link goes to 2Dopeboyz, who re-upped the mixtape). Charles Hamilton (real name no gimmicks, lol) is a young cat (20) out of Harlem. I think his style is refreshing. He could use some media training (think Kanye), but he's quick off the top, and has interesting concepts (or should I say facsinations?). I'd be on the lookout for this one... you can search youtube for any of his radio freestyles, which have been allover recently, or check out this cypher with The Game, Kanye, and Charles Hamilton. Oh, and definitely make sure and check out CH's BLOG HERE. Very entertaining and informative, frequently updated, and the kid is a straight shooter.

Cassidy & Green Lantern : Happy Birthday 2008 (link goes to Nah Right, who upped the mixtape this morning). Haven't listened to this one yet, but it's Cass, so you know what to expect. In honor of Cassidy and Green Lantern's bday (7/7), they put this lil tape together....