Sunday, May 11, 2008

Johnny Cupcakes

Not sure how many of you are up on Johnny Cupcakes, but he started a boutique clothing lable a few years back based on Boston. The store resembles a bakery, and all of the shirts have some sort of cupcake/baking reference. I know, it sounds mad corny, but some of the Designs are pretty tight (***for those of you new to the internet blog-o-sphere, click one of those 4 words to go to a link to one of my favorite JC shirts...***)

Anyway, lo and behold, he's opening up a new flagship store out on Melrose, right across from the famed Kid Robot store, and right down the street from the new Bape Work Shop. Check out the vid below, looks to be pretty crazy...

Johnny Cupcakes LA shoppe SNEAK PEEK 1 from Johnny Cupcakes on Vimeo.