Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Stussy to double retail presence?

I saw this information poppin up on some popular blogs (see links to right), and it kind of through me for a loop. I mean, I thought Stussy was notorious for being highly selective for what stores it sells to after their major screw up in the early 90's, and the prominant 'selling out' of other popular brands that emerged at the same time stussy did.

At any rate, I checked out the article from DNR, and all its really saying is creating new flagship stores in Hawaii, Vegas, DC, and Toronto, with two additional stores planned for 09. Not that big of a deal, when previously Stussy only had flagship stores in the US in LA (la brea what up!), San Fran, and the original store in NY (despite having 42 flagships in Japan alone!)

According to Frank Sinatra Jr (sole owner of Stussy since buying out Shaun Stussy, no relation to the other Sinatra family), the company is not planning on expanding its wholesale operation, which is good news for sure.

Excerpt from the article:

Stussy’s wholesale business, which Sinatra concedes is “in the range” of $45 million, will likely remain stable, despite the exploding growth many of the brand’s streetwear contemporaries have recently seen. “We’d have to open up a lot more mainstream distribution to change that number,” he said. More distribution, he believes, would sacrifice the authenticity of Stussy. “We want to be reachable when customers are seeking us out, but we don’t need massive amounts of the brand in every corner of the world.”