Thursday, August 09, 2007

Curtis ft Robin Thicke

So according to Miss Info, 50 acted a fool after finding out this video leaked online, ripped a 70in plasma off the g-unit office wall, through his phone through a window, and declared he's taking a vacation from promo.

Keep in mind this 50's FIFTH video, and his album hasn't dropped yet. Straight to the Bank, Amusement Park, I get Money, Ayo Technology, and now this. WOW. Not a good look when you're album isn't droppin till Sept 11th.

*Note* Be warned that Interscope is killin' off the youtube links to the video in hopes to salvage it, so if this one dies too, just hit up youtube and search, you'll see it.

*Update* 50 gives himself an out on the battle against Kanye: “And I bet this, when Kanye West’s sales come in, he’s gonna have a 70% decrease [the second week] ’cause Def Jam is gonna buy records to keep him closer to 50 Cent,” the Queens rapper added. “So watch the first week and then watch the second week. Watch his @#* drop off the planet. We keep our angles covered before we make a decent bet.”